• Are you an executive, professional or staff person who wants more fun in your work life?
  • Feel burned out or tired all the time?
  • Having trouble getting your ideas across?
  • Is change sometimes difficult for you?
  • Does the politics of the organization seem difficult to understand?
  • Would you like to develop your staff?
  • Would you like to move up in the organization?
  • Do you have a difficult boss?
  • Do you have a difficult employee?
  • Looking for another position outside of the organization?
  • Are you in the right career path or are you moving in another direction?
  • Just what is your life's purpose?

These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself and you may need some outside coaching.

As a coach, Ms. Culp uses her counseling expertise with a focus on the professional side of the client's life.  For those individuals who want to be more effective on the job, as an executive, mid-level manager, or staff person, this service is for you.  Become an awesome communicator, coach and effective change agent in any organization in which you work.  Ms. Culp will teach you how to stay in your own power and continue being grounded in any situation.  She will help you to determine your style of influence and help you develop your full potential as both a team leader and team player.

Ms. Culp has over 20 years experience as corporate employee relations executive and ten years as a counselor in private practice.  She has counseled/coached and interviewed over 30,000 people during her active career.

Call for an appointment at 301-933-3617. Email is  Offices are located in Garrett Park, MD and Washington, D.C. (near Dupont Circle Metro).


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